About Us

Can Klima Teknik co.ltd was established to carry out maintenance, repair, and manufacture of heating, cooling and ventilation systems in 2007 with the assurance of the expert engineering staff and thirty-years experience of Sonmez Metal that has produced ventilation systems for mechanical contracting and textile factories.

Can Klima Teknik co.ltd has started to get a competitive role in the HVAC market and has taken the first step towards becoming a company that produces and develops technology with its R&D center, established in 2016.

Having an important position in the foreign market with its sales contract made with American-based Trane Inc. Can Klima Teknik HVAC has become the name being sought in overseas markets as well as in the domestic market.

In the following years, in comfort, hygiene, and industrial application areas, our company has continued to grow up by increasing the service network and quality with the air conditioning of hotels, shopping malls, business centers, hospitals, data centers, airports, pharmaceutical production facilities, and laboratories.

As of today, air handling units, having an EUROVENT certification with a capacity of 1000 m3/h to 300,000 m3/h,  are produced in Can Klima Teknik and are sold in a wide range of markets both in Turkey and abroad.