The aim, when Can Klima Teknik Company was established, was creating an engineering-oriented organization that focused on customer satisfaction and produces optimum solutions for the problem of the customers.

As CanKlima Teknik, the services having been provided for many years and the understanding ideally summarizing the developments over the years is the initial decision still surviving.

Since Can Klima Teknik  was established, it has taken rendering "Customer Satisfaction" focused service, finding the necessary optimum solutions, producing and applying them as a mission.

This mission has provided continuity with the fellow customers having been acquired over the years, with the developments, the growth and most importantly the customer relations.

Company Can Klima Teknik act responsibly towards keeping tabs on technological developments and transfers all these innovations to production, equipment, and human resources.

As a consequence, the quality of the production and services provided has been increased day by day, and quality and reliability have been ensured in every job that has been signed from project work to application stage.

Another important matter is keeping our modernity and dynamism in the team.

We contribute our new members who participate in Can Klima Teknik  family to achieve their own success in training and to follow technological advancements by equipping them with the knowledge and the experience within our constitution and by developing their skills like a practicing school. In this sense, we have had teammates equipped with every step of our industry and we are proud of following their successes.

And, here we are with many successful projects having been gained, developed and grown over the years by protecting and preserving the mission it has undertaken since it was established. The greatest joy we have gained in that way is we have gained "Companionship" that we have shared the happiness of our success together, we have started as an associate customer and continued as a friend and strengthened friendly relations in new business.

Can Klima Teknik members know the value of these achievements and reflect these perceptions on their own projects. In the future, it will continue to find solutions, to produce quality and right goods, and services, to have new young members, and to gain new friendships.


General Manager