Textile Air Handlers

Can Klima provides the correct scenario with textile plants while integrating highly energy efficient equipment to maintain the optimum performance considering the needs in the corresponding environment.

The Plc programming software used in air handlers is latest technology. Energy saving is ensured by periodic control of temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rate. In addition to providing comfort conditions, air handlers are designed to minimize heating and cooling consumption by performing enthalpy control.

The open system architecture of Plc and software provides maximum flexibility for the application of worldwide standards, standardized interfaces and integration. Our software supports standard protocols such as BACnet, Meter bus, Modbus and so on. Supported by OPC and B-AWS (BACnet), which allows integration of third party products.

It can be simply controlled with smartphones and tablet PCs. Optionally, it can be controlled remotely from any tablet PC or smartphone with any web browser. Does not require installation. The monitored instantaneous values and set values, fault conditions, etc. can be recorded with a certain time interval (trend).


All applications in the designing and manufacturing of the panel are made to comply with the CE directives. At the control panel, there are control card and connection points of all sensors which can provide easy integration to BMS via system protocols like BACNET, Modbus. In order to keep the temperature inside the panel under control, a circulation fan, a ventilation fan and, if necessary, a panel air conditioner are installed in the panel.

  • Differential Pressure Switch
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Damper Motor
  • Freezing Thermostat
  • Frequency Converter
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Flow Switch (optional)
  • Indoor Air Quality Sensor (optional)
  • CO2 sensor (optional)


Easy Installation, High Performance, Energy Efficiency