Beyond the ongoing experience for a long time, considering the purpose of our business, being dutiful and enthusiastic for our occupation are the factors affecting our quality.

We have never considered the projects as a potential work or a tendered mission. We have analyzed the documents that we have had with the consciousness of those who have given labor for our work, entrepreneurial spirit of investors who have given a chance us to practice our profession, and the emergence of a structure that provides added value to our life when everything is done.

Because of our feelings, we have enjoyed our every stage and our study, and we have never seen our work as a routine.

The given importance to R & D and the fact that the system of research result has been up to date is an important factor on the quality indicator. But, our goal is not only being up to date but also create environmentally sensitive systems that deliver energy efficiency by presenting tomorrow's technology today.

Therefore, as Can Klima Teknik engineers  and technicians, putting the system into practice that is deemed appropriate for the respective investment of the project companies is a professional satisfaction for us.

Because we are a team that aims to solve the problems of our customers in the best way and we are proceeding with the basis which is underlying our organization. Our company engages in an intensive dialogue with the suppliers who will provide the investment needs.

With collaborative works made, labor that will add value to the project, material performances, procurement times and manufacturing schedules can be coordinated. On this wise, the possibility of co-operative organizations valuing the project is created and the investment that will be carried out as a result of this is adopted.

With this association, it is emphasized that delivery in a short time is as much important as the quality of the material for us. As a result of all these efforts, the value created for the project is maximized.

Both our team and our supporting teams always work with the philosophy of solving the problems of the customers and give particular importance to this principle. Because they know that the most important indication of Can Klima Teknik quality is the customer satisfaction.

Our quality policy is about determining the investments needs and the expectations of the sector as well as the materials we use, experience and other factors. Our mission is to determine the quality system and policies that will create and sustain the most suitable product and service qualities that will fulfill the expectations. Based on this mission, our responsibilities are;

To actualize the activities required by the quality system in a planned and systematic manner.

  1. Listening, understanding and identifying the needs and expectations of customers.
  2. To provide service and product quality in standards that customers specify or need, and make it permanent.
  3. To achieve adaptation for the current standard and specifications.
  4. To check the quality system in terms of efficiency and competence and to provide taking precaution for development.