The filter module is used to remove unwanted particles and odors from the conditioned space.


Filter frames are produced with proper dimensions to fit the internal sections of the unit, then sealed with gaskets and spring type retainers. Frames are sealed tightly before mounting into the module.

Depending on the application, single or multi-stage removable filters with different efficiencies can be used. For panel-bag combination applications, mounting both filters into the same frame saves space and simplifies maintenance. The face velocity at the cooling coil and the filter determine the air handling unit model to be selected.

Filter elements are mounted into the standard frames containing gaskets. With the help of the tightening retainer used on the frames, each filter cassette can be assembled or disassembled independently. Filter frames are positioned perpendicular to the airflow direction in the unit. Special filters such as HEPA, carbon, metallic etc. can be used upon request.

Differential pressure gauges reading the pressure drop across the filter are optional on these modules. Leakage and noise due to vibration in sliding cassette type filters are prevented, thanks to strong assembly of each filter element to the frame.


  • Differential Pressure Switch: Switch that gives and/or cuts signal when the pressure set is exceeded
  • Differential Pressure Gauge: Gauge that shows the initial pressure difference between two set points