Inlet frame of this module, which holds on the nozzles, is made from stainless steel.



Dimensions can vary upon desired design conditions. It is possible to go up to 8100 l/h by using several pumps and compressors. Solenoid valves are used to enable desired capacity. Although the general operation pressure is about 80 bar, nozzles are tested at a pressure of 150 bar.

Deflector and separator units are made by polypropylene or aluminum material (optional), used at the inlet and outlet of the humidifier section in order to maintain a linear flow and avoid water drops to escape humidifier duty area. Single step centrifugal pumps are used to provide the water needed. Dimensions are meeting EN 779 standards. Controlling of this module can be achieved with fixed or variable electronic card. It is also possible to control humidification process with a dry contact output.



It consists of stainless steel inlet frame, PVC deflector, separator, collector and nozzle components.

The diameter of the water particles is 250-300 microns.

The general operation pressure is about 3-3,5 bar.


At least 60% of the water supplied to the Centrifugal Humidifier is transferred to the air without recirculation. Thus, the conditioning air can be hygienically humidified under the desired conditions. Low pump power is consumed and Centrifugal humidifier is supplied without water conditioning.

The patented centrifugal humidifying technology is not being manufactured/used in most of the countries. This non-spread technology; provides less and easy maintenance with high humidifying efficiencies. With 40 kW of evaporative cooling capacity maintained from 1,0 kW of electrical input, centrifugal humidifier is being used in both direct & indirect evaporative cooling processes.

Advantages of Centrifugal Humidifier

  • High efficiency - Low cost (120 kg/h humidifying with 0,7 kW of power input)
  • Long-life
  • Low pump-energy consumption
  • Hygienic
  • No need for water conditioner
  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Short humidifying ranges
  • High COP